English · 2020/06/08
While COVID-19 has rocked the global economy in several ways, the effects on the agriculture industry were thought to be minimal in comparison. However, share prices have fallen anywhere from 20% to 30% in the late spring. Despite this, experts forecast an industry rebound and even short-term growth, even though no one can predict precisely what recovery will look like for the economy in its entirety.

日本語 · 2020/06/08

English · 2020/05/04
The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the international development community to coordinate in order to tackle the issue of employment and job loss in the least developed countries.
日本語 · 2020/05/04
日本語 · 2020/04/06

English · 2020/04/06
April marks the beginning of the new academic and fiscal year in Japan, and it is often a time of renewal and new journeys for individuals starting at a new academic institution or career. However, as anxieties concerning COVID-19 continue to loom across the globe, entrance ceremonies and other large gatherings have been canceled, putting a hamper on the usual bustle and excitement of a new start.

English · 2020/03/09
To celebrate International Women’s Day, we would like to share what the impact of our programs means for women.

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English · 2020/02/14
More Jobs Better Lives Foundation is proud to announce that as of February 5, 2020, our organization has changed from a General Incorporated Foundation to a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation. We intend to continue providing an environment that can further expand the possibilities for the growth of employment for developing communities and promoting activities and programs that are worthy of the name of a public interest incorporated foundation. MJBL Foundation
日本語 · 2020/02/14
More Jobs Better Lives財団は、このたび内閣府公益認定等委員会より公益認定を受け、2020年2月5日付で「More Jobs Better Lives公益財団法人」となりました。 可能性をさらに広げることができる環境を提供して、雇用創出へ成長するための支援など、公益財団法人の名にふさわしい活動を進めていきます。 今後とも引き続きご支援のほど、よろしくお願いいたします。 MJBL...