English · 2020/11/02
Dinesh shares how he's spending his time during the Nepalese COVID-19 lockdown as he awaits his opportunity to come to Japan as an MJBL Apprentice.

日本語 · 2020/11/02

日本語 · 2020/10/05

English · 2020/10/05
Issa, an aspiring agribusiness entrepreneur, shares his tips for overcoming a less-than-advantageous background to chase your passions.

日本語 · 2020/09/07

English · 2020/09/07
At the end of July, we paid a visit to Tsukuba University to check on Sara and Jannat's research progress and how they are coping with the changes brought on by Covid-19.

English · 2020/08/10
What does humanitarianism mean in the turbulent times of COVID-19?
日本語 · 2020/08/10
English · 2020/07/06
Plenty of people are adjusting to practicing social distancing in their workplaces and schools, rethinking their hygiene habits, and even conforming to an entirely new way of working or communicating with others without meeting face-to-face. During these times of imagining and creating our new “normal,” it is important to reconnect to and establish what facets of our lives we want to take into the future.

日本語 · 2020/07/06